An important part of the work of our online store is that the goods sold are certified and provided with firm guarantee of manufacturers.

To perform warranty service is needed:

  • correctly and without errors and corrections completed warranty card, which must be specified model and serial number, date of sale and stamp trading company;
    proof of purchase (waybill);
  • full set of goods.

Please also note that upon receipt of the order and payment the buyer in the presence of the courier must check the packaging and appearance of the product for the absence of physical defects (scratches, cracks, chips, etc.) and the package contents. After the departure of the courier claims in this regard can not be accepted.

Guarantee is not performed if:

  • lost or not completed warranty card
  • Equipment was delivered to the Russian Federation informally
  • the product shows signs of mechanical damage or opening
  • broken factory seal
  • Operating conditions were violated, transportation or storage
  • performed repairs by persons who are not members of an authorized service center
  • used non-original accessories

A detailed description of the terms of the warranty, you can find the documentation for the purchase of goods and / or on the website of the respective manufacturer.